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DECO Industrial are specialists in surface technology solutions, providing protective coatings and surface finishes to the defence industry, including anodising, glass bead blasting and a variety of specialist coatings. DECO is an accredited Ce

At Dedicated Systems we are driven by a strong desire to produce outstanding outcomes for our customers.We do this in the following ways:· Partnering with best of breed suppliers· Focussing on open standards· Providing the bes

The Defence Teaming Centre (DTC) is a member organisation that connects, develops and advocates for Australian defence industry to maximise opportunities in national and global defence markets. Members include Prime Defence Contractors, SMEs, Profess

Delta Hydraulics is an Australian company employing 90 people. The Company is a major supplier of precision manufactured components and products to the mining, transport and defence industries. We offer a wide range of precision engineering services

Diehl Defence GmbH & Co. KG is a leading European system house in the field of modern guided missiles. The portfolio encompasses airborne, land-based and sea-launched missile solutions as well as ground-based air defence systems. The product range al

Diggers Shuttle Service is accredited through ITS, QBT & Defence Travel Services. We look after the transport needs of Diggers from Singleton Army Base by offering services to Singleton, Newcastle and Sydney. We also have the best soluti