2019 Essington Lewis Awards


The Essington Lewis Awards are designed to recognise excellence in industry and the Department of Defence collaboration, working together to overcome challenges or problems – ensuring that the ADF has or will have the materiel it needs, when it needs it, and at a cost that represents value for money.

This perpetual trophy is named in honour of Mr. Essington Lewis, the WWII industrialist credited with cementing Defence Industry as a key economic and capability force. Trophies and certificates will be awarded at a Gala dinner in Canberra in August, 2019.


Eligible activities for all categories include any milestone achievement in the acquisition and sustainment/logistic support and service provision domains that contributes to the Department of Defence’s ability to effectively equip and sustain the ADF in the calendar year of 2018.

In order to expand the circle of collaboration between Defence and Industry, ADM has expanded the Essington Lewis Awards, previously restricted to CASG, to include entries from Estate and Infrastructure Group (E&IG), Defence Science and Technology Group, Vice Chief of the Defence Force Group and Chief Information Officer Group.

These categories are open to companies who work closely in a direct contractual relationship with these agencies. Work done must demonstrate the same level of collaboration between the relevant Defence contracting agency and Defence industry for either a service or project support.

Certificate category winners are then eligible to be considered for the Essington Lewis trophy (one to a Prime and one to an SME).

FMS acquisitions are not eligible for entry – but the integration of FMS equipment into ADF assets is eligible.

Entries in all categories are open to major companies and Small to Medium Enterprises (SME). ADM is using the Commonwealth definition of a SME: less than 200 full time employees.

If in any doubt about the eligibility of your activity, please contact the Awards Convener.

Certificate Categories

a. Major acquisition - Over $50 million
b. Minor acquisition - Under $50 million
c. Major sustainment activity - Over $20 million/year
d. Minor sustainment activity - Under $20 million/year
e. Support/services (e.g. assistance to the Department of Defence reform / above the line support, or could be corporate support services etc)

Essington Lewis Trophy Categories

f. Department of Defence/Prime Company Team of the Year for 2018
g. Department of Defence/SME Team of the Year for 2018

* The Trophy category winners will be selected from the certificate category winners.

Awards Information

To find out more information about the awards and categories, the call for entry document can be downloaded here

Expression of Interest

In an effort to streamline the awards, all interested parties are asked to complete an expression of interest document. A template for this has been provided and can be downloaded here
Contenders will then be contacted by the judging panel and invited to submit a more detailed entry for consideration as a finalist. 

The expression of interest deadline is the 23rd November 2018.

Click here to view the finalists from the 2018 Essington Lewis Awards.




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