Former Minister for Defence David Johnston has been appointed as the first Australian Defence Export Advocate.

Medical countermeasures are an important sovereign capability for military or civilian personnel in a range of scenarios including biological warfare or chemical attacks.

The 2017 US-AUS Robotics and Autonomy Workshop was part of a wider program of bilateral activities for the US delegation and its counterparts in the DST Group.

Students from the Aboriginal Summer School for Excellence in Technology and Science (ASSETS) have pursued their career ambitions at Boeing’s simulation, analysis and pilot training facilities in Brisbane.

Fifty teams from 27 countries competed in the championships of the popular STEM program F1 in Schools, with Hyperdrive, a team of four students from Trinity Grammar School in Victoria taking the top spot.

Nine universities, TAFEs and industry organisations have come together to ensure academia will produce the graduates industry will need for the long haul.

Want to have a serious case of career envy? Hang out with the next generation of RAAF ladies at the Avalon Air Show.

Both members and families members have approached ADM in recent times regarding what they see to be a concerted attack on the pay and conditions of the ADF. The cost issue of Defence housing was raised at the end of last year by the Defence Force Welfare Association (DFWA), following hot on the heels of the Defence pay furore.

Back in 2003 the government dispatched a small team of soldiers to help train the Iraqi military, a massive job considering the US administration in Baghdad had unilaterally abolished Saddam’s army as irremediably compromised by Baathism.

In 2013 Aussie diggers Private Heath Jamieson and Corporal Seamus Donaghue joined charity Walking With The Wounded to tackle 335 kilometre trek to the South Pole.

In August this year, Soldier On took a team of cyclists to France to take part in the Trois Etapes race.

For the UK, the US and other allied forces, the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan have forced substantial and rapid investment in individual protection systems such as helmets and body armour.

Along with the large number of special interest groups and community sectors the government has infuriated with its tough budget, it's also set itself on a trajectory for an unholy row with one group it should reasonably have expected to stay onside.

The Departments of Veterans Affairs and Defence will jointly fund a three-year five million dollar research program in to the mental wellbeing of contemporary service personnel and veterans.

Being a part of any kind of bomb or dangerous substance disposal effort is not for the faint hearted. Major Adam Modd GM, Officer Commanding 1st NZ EOD (explosive ordnance disposal) Squadron recently spoke to ADM about the formation of the squadron and the nature of the work facing his team.