April 2014 - Land Warfare 2014

The Land Warfare 2014 edition of ADM's magazine covers a wide range of land related articles including the challenges facing Land 400, DMMA and ATK, Hawkei nearing RFT and much more. Premium

March 2014 – Sea Power 2014

The March edition of ADM boasts a wide range of maritime articles. Also, ADM’s editor Katherine Ziesing speaks with MBDA Australia managing director Andy Watson about the issues that face MBDA. Premium

February – Air Power 2014

ADM's February 2014 magazine covers a wide range of air related articles. And our From the Source interview this month with Chief of Air Force, Air Marshal Geoff Brown who talks with ADM Editor Katherine Ziesing about the challenges ahead of the organisation. Premium

December 2013/January 2014

The annual ADM Top 40 Defence Contractors and Top 20 SME list is now available. For the latest information and statistics on the performance of the Australian Defence Industry, this edition can be kept on hand as a reference guide for the whole year. Premium

November 2013 NWC and C41

The November edition of ADM features a wide range of stories relating to the theme C4I/NCW. Tom Muir writes about the history and whatever else you might want to know about JP2072! We also look at Beersheba, radar smarts, and much more! ADM editor Katherine Ziesing interviews Chris Burns, CEO of the Defence Teaming Centre. Premium

ADM October 2013

This month we have a combined issue for our regular annual Land Warfare feature but also another magazine for the International Fleet Review and the associated Pacific2013 events. Premium

ADM September 2013

The September edition of ADM covers a wide range of topics relating to Infrastructure and Maintenance and upgrades. In this edition we examine the upgrade ahead for Hawk 217 Lead In Fighter and C-130. Also we look at the Global Supply Chain and how industry programs fit together. In the sphere of Infrastructure we look at the Public Works Committee and Woomera. Premium

ADM August 2013

The August edition of ADM covers a wide range of topics surrounding the themes of simulation and training and undersea technology. Read about the changing face of simulation, Land 400, IBFT, the future of submarine rescue, unmanned underwater platforms. Also ADM editor Katherine Ziesing interviews Michael Ward – Raytheon Australia managing director. Premium

Military History Books of Interest - August edition

For those of our readers interested in Military History, we have put together a newsletter of recent book releases from the noted publishers, both here and overseas.

DCP Calendar

The Defence Capabilty Plan. There are no comparable documents like it in government when it comes to dollars, timelines and industry guidance. ADM provides some context for this vast resource. Premium

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Australia to buy 58 Joint Strike Fighters

Australia will buy 58 more Lockheed Martin F-35A JSF at a cost of more than $12 billion after the Federal Government recently gave the go ahead for the purchase.

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