DCNS Australia is in the unique position of having won the largest Defence program Australia has ever undertaken with the Future Submarine contract. The company will have to manage not only the largest program the nation has ever run but all the expectations that come with it. ADM Editor Katherine Ziesing spoke to local CEO Sean Costello the week before the election was called about how it’s all coming together.

ADM Editor Katherine Ziesing spoke to Lockheed Martin Australia’s top man Raydon Gates the week after the White Paper and associated documents were released. He reflected on what those documents mean for both his company and the wider defence industry community alongside speaking about the challenges and changes his company is facing.

Rheinmetall has been in Australia in some way, shape or form for the better part of 40 years now. Managing Director Andrew Fletcher took up his role early last year and speaks to ADM Editor Katherine Ziesing about how the company is looking to answer the next generation of commercial challenges.

ADM Editor Katherine Ziesing spoke to Chief of Air Force Air Marshal Leo Davies about some of the issues his organisation is facing in 2016.

BAE Systems Australia has had some ups and down over the last few years, with losses more noted than wins in many business areas. Under new management, the company is looking to acknowledge what it was in Australia and restructure to meet the evolving needs of the Defence customer. ADM Editor Katherine Ziesing spoke to chief executive Glynn Phillips about his plans for the biggest defence company in the land.

Transfield Services is about to undergo a change in their branding, becoming Broadspectrum last month. ADM Editor Katherine Ziesing spoke to managing director Graeme Hunt about the work the company does in the defence space and some of the issues facing the wide ranging company.

Katherine Ziesing sat down with VADM Barrett to talk about where Plan Pelorus is pointing the Royal Australian Navy under his leadership.

MAJGEN McLachlan is being asked to predict the future and structure Army to meet the challenges that it presents.

The Nova Group of companies has gone from strength to strength, both at home and abroad. With an initial focus on operational test and evaluation (OT&E) capabilities, the company now spans a number of industries outside of Defence. ADM’s Deputy Editor Nigel Pittaway spoke with CEO and founder Jim Whalley about the challenges in the space.

By the time this edition of ADM hits you, our interviewee will have wound up with DMO. Regardless, ADM Editor Katherine Ziesing spoke to David Gould about his time heading up the office that has been under vast amounts of pressure.

Now more than halfway through his contracted period as head of DSTO, Alex Zelinsky is driving a five year strategic plan for the agency that has won bipartisan support and appears to have left DSTO semi-unscathed by the First Principles Review.

There was a time when you mentioned the B word in Defence and heads would hang. Now Boeing can make eye contact thanks to the success that comes from handling some tough programs and winning new work. ADM Editor Katherine Ziesing spoke to new regional president Maureen Dougherty about where the business has come from and where it’s going now.

While Elbit is best known for its work on the various phases of Land 200, the company has grown in leaps and bounds since entering the Australian market formally in 2010. ADM Editor Katherine Ziesing spoke to Elbit MD Dan Webster about where the company has come from and where it is headed.

After almost four years in the job, Chief of Air Force Air Marshal Geoff Brown will be stepping down later this year. ADM Editor Katherine Ziesing spoke to him last month about his time in the RAAF’s top job, the changes and challenges the organisation has faced and what is still in store for the youngest ADF service.

Given the claims made by the Minister in From the Source this month on the Future Submarine, a right of reply was sought from Saab.