Supplier Showcase - Kellogg Brown & Root Pty Ltd (KBR)

KBR is a leading Defence training services provider of training solutions, preparing Defence personnel for the introduction of new systems, process, capability platforms and infrastructure assets.

Supplier Showcase - Military & Aviation Spares Pty Ltd

Military & Aviation Spares (MASpares) is a Supplier and Distributor of military and aviation spares and components to the Defence sector within Australia and overseas.

Supplier Showcase - Nextgen Group

Nextgen Group provides high performance data networks and solutions for government agencies and defence industry customers in addition to service providers, network integrators, carriers and corporations.

Supplier Showcase - Naval Ship Management (Aust)

Naval Ship Management Australia (NSM) is a prime sustainment partner, offering cost-effective maintenance solutions through a low-overhead, lean project management model.

Supplier Showcase - Pilatus Australia Pty Ltd

Pilatus Australia Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pilatus Aircraft Limited of Switzerland and is responsible for the marketing, sales and support of the Pilatus PC-9, PC-12, PC-21 and PC-24 aircraft.

Structural Integrity of New and Ageing Metallic Aircraft course

The course covers the fundamental concepts of and provides practical instruction in methods used for fatigue, durability and damage tolerance analysis and testing of metallic aircraft structures.

EM Solutions wins US Agency contract

EM Solutions Cobra Maritime Satcom Terminal upon which the 10GBps radio will be mounted. Credit: EM Solutions

EM Solutions has announced that it has won an initial order from a US Government Agency to develop and supply its 10 Gbps E-band backhaul radios for evaluation in ship to shore communications.

Barrett supports Caribbean for hurricane season

Some of the Rainbow Radio team with Barrett radio equipment, Saint Vincent. Credit: Barrett Communications

In late May 2016 a shipment of equipment from Barrett Communications was delivered to the Caribbean to support emergency and disaster preparedness operations for the forthcoming hurricane season.

Supplier Showcase - Huber and Suhner

Huber and Suhner is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of components and systems for electrical and optical connectivity.

Supplier Showcase - Hellweg International

Hellweg International have been designers/manufacturers of specialised military, security and law enforcement apparel and equipment since 1979.

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