PILS is an intuitive, flexible system that allows pharmacists to manage pharmaceutical medications and consumables from pill to palette.

DISC is an excellent opportunity for both Defence and Industry to come together to learn about one another.

Orbital bills its N20 heavy fuel propulsion system as the first reciprocating internal combustion engine designed specifically for UAS applications.

The next challenge is to harness new composite materials that can provide reliable, reusable service after experiencing temperatures of up to 1,600 degrees Celsius.

The radars of Australia’s DDGs could be used to extend the eyesight of US Aegis equipped ships to shoot down the ballistic missiles of hostile nations.

The designer and shipbuilder will work with Lai Switchboards Australia and Airspeed to develop low voltage switchboards and composite materials.

The revised strategy follows a comprehensive review of the state’s defence priorities, prompted by major policy and project announcements in the sector.

The offer follows an expression of interest from the Canadian Government received in September.

A new Acting CEO has been appointed as Mark Lamarre steps down after three years of significant achievements.

Reserve members will not be deprived of their civilian work unfairly and have the right to be absent from their civilian workplace without consequence while rendering defence service

Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne said as many as 100 scholarships would be offered to workers.

The key is to connect classrooms with inspiring real-world examples.

Key themes in the November symposium included digital elements such as increasing use of simulation in both material design and manufacturing.

The Electron is designed to carry payloads of up to 150 kilograms to the 500 kilometre sun-synchronous orbit favoured by the high-growth constellation-satellite market.

MMP is being offered to the ADF as an integrated Anti-Tank Guided Weapon (ATGW) on both the Rheinmetall Boxer and the BAE Systems AMV-35 vehicles for Land 400-2.