At the recent New Zealand Minister of Defence annual awards dinner in Wellington Daronmont Technologies took out the prestigious Minister of Defence Award of Excellence to Industry for the Provision of Excellent Equipment to Defence for the Replacement of the Communication Detection System that is being acquired as part of the Protector Remediation Project.

The award recognises superior equipment, design innovation, project excellence, export potential and value for money.  

Daronmont has delivered a system that performs better than expected and will be a valuable addition to the NZ Protector Fleet.

The Daronmont CommSECA Communication Detection System is a cost effective RF Communications Search and Direction Finding system that monitors the communications environment for transmissions that are of interest to operational commanders monitoring SAR, illegal fishing activity, smuggling and piracy and the security of Exclusive Economic Zones.

CommSECA detects, intercepts transmissions of interest and locates them, increasing situational awareness and ability to respond quickly to illegal or life-threatening situations.

Daronmont plans to leverage the success of the NZ program to pursue programs including Sea 1179 in Australia and international IPV/OPV programs.

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