A highly-secure IT lifecycle services centre specifically designed for the Federal Government and Defence sectors was officially opened in Canberra today.

Greenbox has previously managed the services, which involve the efficient management of sensitive IT assets from staging and installation through to data sanitisation and disposal, from Sydney.

Minister for Defence Industry Christopher Pyne said the centre provides Defence and Federal Government with secure large-scale IT lifecycle services backed by Defence standards, the International Standards Organisation and Responsible Recycling accreditations.

“This centre will enable Australian company Greenbox to build on the work provided to Defence since 2012, which ensures sensitive data is handled appropriately.”

The Minister added there will be a team of 25 security-cleared specialists at the centre.

In February, Australia’s new data breach legislation saw the introduction of severe individual and corporate fines and stringent standards around customer notifications.

According to Greenbox, one important area that is often overlooked is the disposal of data on end-of-use devices. With an estimated 16 per cent of data breaches occurring during asset disposal, the company highlights the importance of including such measures in compliance activities. On it's website it hosts a briefing paper which can also be downloaded here.

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