• Elbit’s Skylark UAV has been tested successfully.
    Elbit’s Skylark UAV has been tested successfully.

Elbit Systems announced that it completed a series of successful tests of its Skylark I LE mini/man-pack UAS using the Dominator hardware to control and operate the UAS.

During the tests, the Skylark was operated by a new cutting edge lightweight Forward Ground Control Station (FGCS) which utilises the Dominator organic hardware solution.

This new operational concept answers the modern battlefield's requirements for interoperability and SWAP (Size Weight and Power), enabling infantry forces to execute more complex missions in diverse arenas while offering enhanced operational flexibility.

Reducing more than 15kg of the contemporary Skylark ground control system, the FGCS is comprised of four main components aside from the UAS, all of which are geared on the soldier's vest: FGCS computer (PDU), tactical hand-held display, operator stick and an active Skylark Rambo transducer that fits as an additional radio into the soldier's vest. For covert and/or ‘on-the-move’ operations, an eyepiece can be used instead of the hand-held display.

The FGCS allows dismounted soldiers to carry minimum gear for optimal operational efficiency, as the UAS can be launched by Dispatcher Units, transferring control of the operation to the Forward Units when the UAS reaches their range.

Offering a new operational concept, this new lightweight ground station solution is ideal for covert and special operations where a small hardware signature is required.

The tests confirmed the usability of the new hardware configuration and the preservation of all unique Skylark highly autonomous operation to the required mission range.

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