Elbit Systems has debuted the "ENGAGER" - a new advanced remote reconnaissance gathering system designed for day and night operations and missions such as intelligence gathering and tracking of long-range targets and laser guided weapon designation.

The system has high camouflage capabilities and is remotely operated, enabling intelligence gathering while avoiding contact with enemy forces operating in the area.

Developed by Elbit Systems subsidiary, Elbit Systems Electro-optics Elop, the "ENGAGER" was designed especially for the modern battlefields' demands of "SWAP" (Size, Weight and Power), this unique system excells in low energy consumption, compact size and low weight, meeting the requirements of Infantry and Special Forces' mission profiles.

Adi Dar, Elop's general manager, commented: "The ENGAGER is the last word in solutions for meeting the challenges of intelligence gathering missions," he said.

"It offers enhanced reconnaissance, while providing force survivability and safety thanks to an operational concept that enables a remote and covert mission profile with improved tactical intelligence gathering capabilities.

"The ENGAGER is an additional leap forward in the field of tactical intelligence gathering systems developed by Elop, joining the already operational LOTUS-CR and CORAL-CR which are already in service with the IDF and other leading armies in the world."

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