Philip Smart | Adelaide

The future Australian Defence Force will be more integrated, with less duplication, more shared infrastructure and a federated approach, as a result of the Australian Government’s First Principles Review of Defence, released yesterday.

The Government has agreed to adopt 75 of the 76 recommendations but will keep the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) as a separate entity instead of absorbing it in the new Capability and Acquisition Group as the report recommended.

The Review found that Defence has a proven record of delivering in the field, but has a proliferation of structures, processes and systems with unclear accountabilities that cause waste, delayed decisions, duplication and flawed execution.

The Government intends to rectify this through changes in four key areas, including a stronger and more strategic centre to provide clear direction, an end-to-end approach to capability development, improved delivery of corporate services and a planned and professional workforce.

An external Oversight Board will monitor a two-year implementation process.

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