L3 Micreo has been awarded a Defence production and sustainment contract for its Redwing counter-improvised explosive device (IED) force protection systems.

The company will provide the lightweight, handheld Greengum version to equip dismounted forces, and the more powerful Greygum device for fitting to light vehicles. The total value of the contract is $9.5 million with 34,000 units to be delivered within a 6-month period.

“L3 is committed to providing innovative counter-IED technology in a heightened global threat environment,” Michael T. Strianese, L3’s chairman and CEO said. “This technology saves lives and helps us build on our strong relationship with the Australian DoD. We continue to focus on delivering technology enhancements to our market-leading force protection systems.”

“The Redwing project is an example of Australian industry and defence collaboration, entrepreneurship and innovation to deliver a unique solution that is able to help address a persistent threat in Afghanistan, protecting the country’s soldiers and police from IED attacks.”

Under the program, Micreo and DST Group developed low-cost, robust and lightweight force protection systems for use in austere operating environments by military and police units. The systems function with minimal operator training and limited logistical support.

A significant quantity of these counter-improvised explosive devices have already been produced and extensively deployed to Afghanistan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF).

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