Edith Cowan University and South Metropolitan TAFE have partnered with the Naval Shipbuilding College to ensure WA graduates are ready to seize future jobs.

Over 300 Defence industry representatives gathered in Canberra yesterday to get an update from senior Army capability leaders.

Thanks to fatigue management and overhaul techniques developed by RUAG in Australia, the RAAF has been able to keep the aircraft in the air longer and for less dollars.

It is curious that France is leading three of the Quad powers in an Indian Ocean military exercise rather than India.

Societies problem-solve through the addition of ever more complex systems, particularly in Defence. Model-based systems engineering offers a means of navigating those systems.

The Defence Estate and Infrastructure Group (E&IG) have handed over ownership of the new Space Surveillance Telescope Building to CASG.

BAE Systems Australia has celebrated the production of the 15,000th titanium part produced at Edinburgh Parks.

No AI currently exists that can out-duel a human strapped into a fighter jet.

TAFE Queensland has received course endorsement from the Naval Shipbuilding College.

BAE Systems Australia has opened a laboratory to develop new technology that will be ‘the brains’ of the upgraded Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN).

Two SA companies have have agreed to work together in delivering the first fully Australian designed, developed, launched and operated Defence electronic warfare satellite system.

The argument for self-propelled guns has been sharpened, but it is unclear how 30 guns will be split across the ADF and whether Hanwha will choose to partner with Raytheon on the build.

"That team of 12 took less than 48 hours to completely unpack the Blue Force. They had unit nomenclature, unit locations and in some cases unit intent."

BAE Systems is seeking Qualified Flying Instructors for its training contract with the Royal Saudi Air Force.

Lockheed Martin has developed a new weapons rack for USAF F-35As and USN F-35Cs that allows the aircraft to carry two additional AIM-120 air-to-air missiles.