Katherine Ziesing | Canberra

As foreshadowed earlier this year in From the Source interview with Lockheed Martin Australia Raydon Gates, the Lockheed Martin’s Information Systems & Global Solutions (IS&GS) business has been sold globally to Leidos.

The change came into effect this week on August 17.

The Australian business will see roughly 700 people from Lockheed Martin become Leidos under the management of Christine Zeitz.

Zeitz, a Defence industry veteran, will see the combination of the businesses in Australia where the Leidos business of 45 people will effectively be integrated into the former Lockheed Martin workforce.

The global Leidos workforce boasts roughly 33,000 people across 30 countries, turning over US$10 billion.

ADM understands that Leidos will take the $942 million Change Program contract from Defence’s Chief Information Officer Group with them as part of the split, along with a range of other IT programs, such as the Tax Office.

The Australian Tax Office picked Lockheed Martin as its preferred supplier for desktop outsourcing services in 2010, a contract estimated to be worth around $60 million a year, with Datacom as its support partner.

Based on ADM’s Top 40 figures from last year, there is a good chance Leidos will debut in the Top 10 or close to it in the next listing, which will be released in January next year.

Leidos works across a number of industries internationally such as health, intelligence and homeland security, civil (related to energy and the environment, utilities, manufacturing and industrial, federal infrastructure, and air traffic management) and Defence.

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