• Air Force C-27J Spartan at RAAF Base Wagga
    Air Force C-27J Spartan at RAAF Base Wagga

The Royal Australian Air Force has signed an agreement with Boeing companies Jeppesen and Tapestry Solutions to integrate a Mission Management Suite to optimise Air Mobility Group (AMG) operations.

The Mission Management Suite is a military operations centre suite of applications that efficiently manages air mission activity throughout the full mission lifecycle. It is a web-based solution that provides military operators with a single user interface that integrates multiple functions in a unified platform.

The solution will help the RAAF optimise their AMG air-lift operations, which is managed by the Air Mobility Control Centre (AMCC) in Sydney. Aircraft tasked and controlled by AMCC include KC-30 MRTT, C-130J Hercules, C-27J Spartan, C-17, B300 King Air, BBJ 737 and CL-604 Challenger.

“Working with the Jeppesen and Tapestry team to integrate critical operational tools delivered through the Mission Management Suite will enhance operational mission effectiveness and improve efficiency,” James Hogg, commanding officer and deputy director of the Air Mobility Control Centre, RAAF said.

Matt Buettner, director Jeppesen Flight Planning and Dispatch, said AMCC operations specifically related to request and mission planning, diplomatic clearance management, automated/on-demand report generation, expense tracking and management, and hazardous cargo management would be significantly improved. 

Kurt Meidel, director, Tapestry Solutions said the suite would provide RAAF commanders with increased, real-time visibility to their operations as well as improved transparency.

“When fully implemented, the tool will enable the RAAF to manage 50 per cent more missions without adding any staffing headcount, providing significant cost savings.”

For more information on the Mission Management Solution, please click here.

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