EM Solutions Cobra M2 Maritime Satcom Terminal has successfully completed the WGS testing and certification process, meaning the terminals are now able to operate at Ka-Band on the WGS Satellite Network.

UMS Skeldar, a provider of rotary UAV solutions and avionics software, is accelerating its plans for Australia to become its Pacific Rim base.

The RAAF and Airbus have demonstrated automatic air-to-air refueling (A3R) with a KC-130A in a world first for the technology.

Minister for Trade and Industry Niall Blair welcomed guests to the inaugural Defence NSW Network of Networks Forum in Sydney this week.

The European Commission and the European Space Agency (ESA) have awarded an Airbus-led consortium a contract for the provision of satellite-based seamless coverage of the whole of Europe at very high-resolution.

The RAN and the government have granted the licence to operate new $19.7 million (£11.05 m) hyperbaric equipment. The license award means that the whole crew of an Australian submarine can be treated at once.

New Zealand’s Defence Minister Ron Mark announced this week that the Coalition government has selected the Boeing P-8A Poseidon maritime surveillance aircraft to fulfil its Future Air Surveillance Capability (FASC) requirements.

NZ's Coalition government has released its Strategic Defence Policy Statement, reaffirming Wellington's strategic reliance on the rules-based global order.

Ask anyone in Defence industry about the biggest issue when it comes to workforce and security clearance is inevitably in the top three challenges. In an effort to address the issues, AGSVA released a discussion paper.

Withdrawing from Germany would impact US forces and Washington’s national security interests by significantly reducing its ability to project power.

The naval shipbuilding industry in Australia is experiencing a wave of change and disruption like never before.

Year 12 students gathered at Lockheed Martin’s office this week to go through the art of the possible when it comes to the application of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) skills under the National Youth Science Program (NYSF).

The board of AIDN Victoria has resolved to withdraw its membership of AIDN National, effective from 11 August.

Sonartech ATLAS has signed a contract with Thales Australia to supply sonar subsystems into the major upgrade project for the Collins Class submarines.

BMT has purchased niche submarine design, engineering and assurance firm Effectiva.