• Boxer CRV's Lance turret. Credit: Rheinmetall AG
    Boxer CRV's Lance turret. Credit: Rheinmetall AG

Rheinmetall Defence Australia has chosen Brisbane-based NIOA as the company’s key supplier of ammunition and armament services for its Land 400 Phase 2 offer to the Commonwealth.

Rheinmetall's Boxer CRV vehicles are currently being tested in Australia as part of the Risk Mitigation Activity for the project. Both NIOA and Rhgeinmetall have enjoyed a commercial partnership for twenty years, with Rheinmetall's Weapons and Munitions arm (RWM) having worked with NIOA to deliver solutions for the ADF and state and federal police forces. 

For example in 2015, NIOA observed Rheinmetall's contract to supply the German Army with 40mm x 53 airburst ammunition keenly, noting the ammunition's suitability for NIOA's offering for project Land 40 Ph2, the GD MK47 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher.

“Working side by side on our Land 400 Phase 2 offer represents a natural next step in the relationship between Rheinmetall and NIOA,” said Rheinmetall Defence Australia Managing Director Andrew Fletcher.

The Boxer CRV's armament comprises a Mauser 30mm or 35mm cannon mounted in the Lance turret with a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun. The turret system also comes with a 66mm or 76mm smoke/obscurant grenade launcher and may also be equipped with either dual Spike LR or Javelin anti-tank missiles.

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