• Credit: Orion Solar
    Credit: Orion Solar

Orion’s range of solar-powered LED lighting includes self-contained lanterns for aviation, marine and obstruction lighting, plus a selection of outdoor lights for pathway, work areas, car parks and streets.

Being all self-contained and independent of the power grid means that they are portable and quickly installed without needing an electrician.

Orion's aviation lights are completely self-contained, install in minutes, operate reliably under the harshest environmental conditions and require no maintenance, servicing or power costs for the five-year life span of the batteries. Over 70,000 airfield lights installed at more than 250 airfields worldwide. Ideal as emergency airfield lighting that deploys quickly and easily.

Credit: Orion Solar

Credit: Orion Solar

Trusted by coast guards and port authorities around the world, Orion’s solar marine lanterns have proven to withstand submersion, impact, and challenging sea conditions to help preserve safety at sea.

Using industry leading LED technology, the advanced optical design delivers unparalleled crispness and intensity with up to six nautical miles in range. Producing output in all IALA Marine Aid-to-Navigation Light colours – green, red, amber, and white. Orion offers both Carmanah and Sabik solar marine lanterns, both of which are world leaders in their field.

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