GE Intelligent Platforms has recently announced the DSP280 rugged dual socket quad core 6U VPX multiprocessor.

The DSP280 is designed to meet the rigorous real-time demands of applications such as ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance), radar, sonar, and image and sensor processing across a wide range of deployed platforms including manned and unmanned airborne, ground and naval vehicles.

It is expected that High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC) solutions using the DSP280 will be deployed to enable the near real time delivery of theatre data of actionable quality to command/control centres.

The dual quad core platform is capable of more than 260 Gigaflops peak performance and delivers main memory bandwidth of up to 21 GBytes/second per CPU node.

Its HPEC architecture can scale from one to many processor nodes per enclosure via RDMA-enabled 10 Gigabit Ethernet and Double Data Rate (DDR) InfiniBand dual port NICs, delivering up to 1.8 GBytes/second data rates per channel with memory-to-memory latencies of approximately 1µs.16 GBytes of ECC memory, along with 16 GBytes of solid state disk, can obviate the need for traditional hard disk drives.

Support for 3D high-resolution graphics further enhances the utility and flexibility of the DSP280, widening its potential application footprint.

In addition, system integrators can minimize card count by mapping multiple platform functions such as control, DSP and graphics onto one or more DSP280s in order to reduce spares and simplify logistical support in the field.

The DSP280 responds to the asymmetric, dynamic and rapidly changing threat landscape by providing higher computing performance in a smaller space, at lower weight and with less power consumption than has previously been possible this allows an extended mission – or ‘loiter’ – time across a broader range of platforms while providing more sensor data at higher resolutions in a shorter time, delivering better information to decision makers and providing superior activity-based intelligence.

For prime contractors, OEMs and integrators, the DSP280 also offers significant benefits GE’s comprehensive support for open standards gives customers access to off-the-shelf hardware and software technologies, meaning that program risk is mitigated, time to solution is substantially reduced, flexibility is enhanced and cost is significantly reduced.

And because the DSP280 enables the development of smaller, lighter subsystems, a broader range of mission types and platforms can be supported from the same development effort.

GE Intelligent Platforms is represented in Australia and New Zealand by Metromatics. 

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