The FMCU Freedom of Movement Control Unit from Ultra Electronics Measurement Systems Inc. is a ruggedised portable, handheld controller for military, aerospace and industrial applications.

This lightweight controller is available with or without a backlit, sunlight-readable LCD and is ideal for the control of unattended sensors, unmanned assets, weapon systems, border security, cameras and emergency back-up systems.

Features include:
- game-style controller to leverage existing skill sets of today's soldiers;
- lightweight, rugged, environmentally resistant design: IP65 (standard) with IP67 (optional);
- sealed, ruggedised, mappable controls;
- high reliability, patented Hall Effect Model 5000 Joysticks ;
- increased switch capacity over single-grip or traditional hand controls;
- impact and temperature resistance;
- high-resolution, sunlight-readable, 5" LCD or 6.4" touch screen;
- system configurable for RS-232, RS-422 or USB output; and
- quick-change modular options using RCC technology.

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