In our May 2018 edition, ADM presents Electronic Warfare.

Managing Editor Katherine Ziesing opens with the possibility of a singularity event, an exponential technological runway powered by artificial superintelligence. Katherine also reports on the Sir Richard Williams debate regarding the ADF's preparedness for high-intensity warfare.

Deputy Editor at Large Nigel Pittaway discusses the electromagnetic future, including E-18G Growlers and potential replacements for the Nulka shipboard missile decoy, while Senior Correspondent Julian Kerr covers the RAN’s electronic warfare training and the second round of amphibious trials for Abrams tanks.

Max Blenkin reports on the RAAF’s explorations of disruptive technology, John Hilvert writes on the government’s encryption strategy, and Kate Corbett from CERT Australia asks whether you are prepared for a cyber crisis.

We also have contributions from the Submarine Institute of Australia, Patrick Durrant, and Ewen Levick.

Our guest From the Source interviewee this month is Chemring Australia managing director Joe Farah

View the digital edition here.

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