Welcome to the November edition of ADM: Comms and C4I.

In this month’s editorial, Managing Editor Katherine Ziesing discusses the state of formal and informal communication in the Defence community, particularly in relation to legal actions brought by Thales Australia against an Australian National Audit Office report into the Hawkei program. There are, however, points of improvement in communications from Army Aviation and the JP 9102 program team.

Deputy Editor Nigel Pittaway covers the 2018 Defence Estate and Base Services Summit, Senior Correspondent Julian Kerr travels to France to examine the state of local naval industry, and Katherine Ziesing outlines the next generation of satcoms under the JP 9102 program. Kath also covers cloud services in the secure Defence environment, and Julian writes on the forthcoming challenges of the submarine transition.

We also have contributions from former Deputy Chief of the RAAF John Blackburn and Ian McDonald on the need to recognise the paradigm shift in systems architecture required by the 5th Gen force, and from US naval analyst Norman Friedman on the forces currently driving submarine technology.

Our From the Source interviewee this month is Christine Zeitz, chief executive of Leidos Australia.

View the digital edition here.


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