The system provides a safe and effective method of protecting personnel and infrastructure from dangerous drones by automatically detecting and then stopping, redirecting or taking control of them.

Iridium Dynamics' CEO has joined Airbus at Toulouse in France, one of 12 global start up companies accepted in to the six-month program to develop skills such as business modelling, technical feasibility and team competence.

A key feature of Northrop Grumman's AIC plan is to establish sovereign maintenance and sustainment in-country for the Triton UAS program.

The level of integration achieved between the UAV and the frigate's combat system may have been a world first.

Navy may be open to issuing a new Request For Information for Sea 129 Phase 5 when the project to acquire a maritime tactical unmanned system comes out of its two year delay.

Lloyd’s Register, the UK-based ship survey and classification society, has released an Unmanned Marine Systems (UMS) Code for certifying design and build of unmanned vessels.

The RAN has completed operational evaluation (OPEVAL) of the ScanEagle Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS), including the first concurrent tasking - aboard HMAS Newcastle - and an embarked MH-60R helicopter.

The RPA's sensors have helped firefighters with both the strategic planning and resource placement essential for efforts to contain the fire.

The contract provides a new personal reconnaissance capability to Australian Army soldiers.

The use of the Wave Glider on the seven day open water mission was the first major milestone of a five-year joint research agreement between Boeing and AIMS.

The lease arrangements have a range of options, from basic financing to complete managed services, outsourcing of operations and logistics.

The Deep Ray ‘glider’ UUV is an undersea flying wing with an internal buoyancy vessel that can be flooded or pumped out to change the vehicle’s displacement, making it sink or rise.

Pathfinder carries two UGV’s housed in a deployment kennel that is inserted into an operational area using a GPS-guided precision delivery parachute.

Membership has now increased to nine with the addition of TAE Aerospace, Rockwell Collins, Ultra Electronics Australia, Airspeed and Quickstep Holdings.