Silvershield is an advanced vehicle mounted system which will provide additional protection against mobile phone IED threats for Afghanistan National Defence and Security Forces.

Following the announcement, major dummy spits were issued in the form of no less than 10 similar and strongly worded press releases.

As separate entities, the Amulet and the Talon are proven and known capabilities.

It appears the superior protection offered by the heavier Boxer won out in the end, with Army sources known to have favoured the German vehicle.

WFEL will complete final delivery of the ADF’s bridges by September 2018.

With both Land 400 and Land 907 Phase 2 looking at active protection systems (APS) as part of the sensor and effector complements, gains for both Rafael’s Trophy and ADS’ APS technologies are timely.

The ADF is looking to upgrade its 59-strong fleet of Abrams tanks and expand their under armour breaching and bridging capability through programs Land 907 
Phase 2 and Land 8160 respectively.

At this stage, the program office is taking a program approach to the two projects in order to maximise value for money through economies of scale, using a common hull where possible for the new engineering vehicles.

The advanced high-level protection for the Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle (CRV) will be produced at Ruag's Bayswater facility in Victoria.

MBDA is offering its MMP missile as part of the $20 billion Land 400 project

The ARH HAD modification fits the original French Army variant, the HAP, with the Hellfire missile system and an enhanced engine.

Dogged by reports of poor rate of effort and availability, Taipan and Tiger military helicopters have had a turbulent introduction into the ADF. But gains are being made slowly but surely.

Trial vehicles were sent to Iraq’s Taji Military Complex embedded within Task Group Taji Six.

Currently Army's biggest program, Phase 2 of Land 400, concluded its Risk Mitigation Activity (RMA) in August 2017. But what happens now?

MMP is being offered to the ADF as an integrated Anti-Tank Guided Weapon (ATGW) on both the Rheinmetall Boxer and the BAE Systems AMV-35 vehicles for Land 400-2.