• The MMP system mounted on a French Army Petit Véhicule Protégé (PVP). Credit: MBDA
    The MMP system mounted on a French Army Petit Véhicule Protégé (PVP). Credit: MBDA

MBDA and Safran Electronics & Defense have announced a partnership to offer MBDA's MMP guided missile system for Army's major recapitilisation of it's armoured vehicle inventory, the Land 400 program. 

The agreement leverages off Safran Electronics & Defence Australasia, a Safran Electronics & Defense subsidiary that has been operational for over twenty years in Australia, for delivery and support of optronics and navigation equipment.

MMP was developed by MBDA for dismounted applications and for integration onto armoured fighting vehicles. According to the company, it is the only fifth generation multi-purpose guided missile system in existence, and is currently ordered by France for its infantry and combat reconnaissance vehicles (Scorpion program). It will be fitted onto the French army’s new Jaguar combat vehicles along with Safran Electronics & Defense’s PASEO advanced sighting systems. Qualification of MMP was completed in July 2017, and deliveries have now started.by a major NATO member. 

The PASEO sighting system, with its advanced capabilities and already integrated to fire the MMP missile, has additionally been ordered by France and integrated on to the Scorpion program’s Jaguar combat reconnaissance vehicles.

SAFRAN Electronics & Defense is a strategic partner of MBDA for a number of programs, including the MMP missile system where they are responsible for critical optronics elements namely: dismounted firing posts, sensors, commands, and missile seekers.

Other missile systems currently under offer for Land 400 include Rafael's Spike LR2; the company recently signed an agreement with Varley Group to manufacture the system in Australia.

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