Product Showcase

Serco Australia maximises Defence resources by delivering lower-cost, higher-quality support services and dependable on-time delivery to military command and personnel around the globe.

Goal’s core business is project support services from “cradle to grave”, which includes a full range of engineering services, training, bid assistance, project management and large asset disposal services.

NDT Equipment Sales has been trading since 1992 and is a leading supplier of equipment and consumables to the non-destructive testing sector.

Mobilis provide customised options from individual items of equipment through to fully equipped scalable and integrated self-contained deployable hospital modules.

The DreamBook R13 ruggedised laptop can withstand gunfire shock, hazardous shock, helicopter integrity, blowing rain, dust, explosive atmosphere, freeze thaw, acidic atmosphere, solar radiation, salt fog and military EMC.

NEO has a long record of cooperative development with the European Space Agency for a hyperspectral imager for small satellites.

The meter is ideal for embedded network applications involving sub billing such as multi-tenant office buildings and universities.

APC Technology and Pinssar have partnered to launch the world’s first continuous Diesel Particulate Matter Reader.

The Acromag APCe7020 board interfaces two AcroPack mezzanine modules to a PCI Express bus on a PC-based computer system.

Bestech introduces the fastest confocal chromatic controller for measuring principle, displacements, distances and thickness in the glass and electronics industry.

The new Dolan-Jenner Fiber-Lite – MiLED Fiber Optic Illuminator can be used for microscopy and general illumination.

The co.edge CLHS from PCO combines advanced scientific CMOS technology with an ultra-fast Camera Link High Speed (CLHS) interface for high data throughput

The new Andor iXon Ultra 888 megapixel, back-illuminated EMCCD camera offers single photon sensitivity across a large field of view, at 26 fps.

The NanoWizard 4 BioScience Atomic Force Microscope from JPK Instruments allows users to follow dynamic processes

Scitech is delighted to introduce active vibration isolations systems from Accurion.