Welcome to the February/March 2021 edition of ADM: Air Power 2021.

This edition covers the 100th anniversary of the Royal Australian Air Force. As Managing Editor Katherine Ziesing writes in her editorial; “This provides a foundation for the force, a fifth-generation force, that the RAAF is bedding down while looking to the future.”

To mark the occasion, we include Chief of Air Force Intent from Air Marshal Mel Hupfeld, Realising the Integrated Force; a photo spread on the RAAF through the years; and a piece from Deputy Editor Nigel Pittaway on all the elements of the current fleet, from F-35s to the Loyal Wingman and everything in between. 

Meanwhile, Online Editor Ewen Levick covers ADM’s most recent Space Summit, Senior Correspondent Julian Kerr covers the unmanned future of border protection, and Katherine delves into the Land 400 Phase 3 RMA.

Our From the Source interviewee this month is Jonathan Armstrong, Director Australian business at Frazer-Nash.

The digital edition is available here.

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