A strong pipeline of major infrastructure projects is essential to boosting the economy, enhancing productivity and improving the lives of communities across the country | The APP Group

In the defence world, AI and automation are combining to change how military strategists plan for air and cybersecurity.

The Defence Strategic Review has set the entire Australian Defence Force the challenge to build the force Australia needs – now and for the future | ServiceNow

In an era defined by technological warfare and geopolitical uncertainty, safeguarding a nation's security has never been more paramount | Advanced Navigation

During training and military operations, having technology you can count on isn’t just important – it’s critical.

Whatever the scenario, the ability to acquire the right information is universally recognized as an essential factor in mission success.

Adopting a multirole, multifunction approach to electronic warfare can make a big difference, and L3Harris Technologies’ portfolio of next-generation EW technology makes it possible to harness multiple capabilities within a single system.

Defence forces are modernising their training delivery with CAE, relying on synthetic training devices, integrated learning management systems, and artificial intelligence to better support their greatest asset – their personnel.

The Northern Territory Government is building a ship lift facility in Darwin to assist the ADF’s ability to operate from its northern bases.

Artificial Intelligence. It's here. It's transforming modern warfare, redefining the battlefield. This isn't a glimpse into the future. It's the present.

The future of advanced manufacturing in Defence will be informed by data-driven decision making, facilitated by narrative visualisation and immersive technologies.

Goal Group has developed a stand-alone Defence Grade AI capability to support Defence with resource-intensive activities that are key to optimising Defence's use and management of capability.

Implementing a corporate health insurance program may offer substantial value for both employers and employees alike.

Nova Systems is revolutionising the field of Electromagnetic Warfare by bringing together the best of Electromagnetic Spectrum Engineering, modern Test and Evaluation methods, Digital Mission Engineering and Model-Based Systems Engineering.

Replacing the Defence Innovation Hub and the Next Generation Technologies Fund, the newly launched Advanced Strategic Capabilities Accelerator program seeks to implement technologies into priority defence capabilities.

L3Harris has developed and integrated a homing and docking solution that enables launch and recovery of an autonomous underwater vehicle from an underway submarine, referred to as Torpedo Tube Launch and Recovery.