Cyber + Space

SmartSat Cooperative Research Centre has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the New Zealand Space Agency to accelerate the growth of Australian and New Zealand space industries.

Equatorial Launch Australia has revealed designs for its Horizontal Integration Facility buildings – assembly, integration and testing facilities for up to seven rocket launch companies.

AICraft and ResearchSat have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to utilise edge computing technology assisting with experiments in orbit.

Equatorial Launch Australia has released designs for its new launch pads, enabling the company to launch any rocket with very little configuration change.

Canberra-based ICT SME Informatech is on a roll, its turnover up by more than 20 per cent and its work mostly unhindered by challenges of hiring skilled workers | Max Blenkin

Advanced Navigation has been awarded a $300 thousand grant by the Department of Defence to manufacture photonic chips.

Australia has successfully launched into orbit the SpIRIT nanosatellite, its first scientific satellite in over two decades.

Neumann Space has announced the successful completion of the first on-orbit tests of its propulsion system, the Neumann Drive.

The Australian Government has entered into an agreement with the United States and the United Kingdom to advance Australian defence space capabilities. 

Lockheed Martin Australia and Av-Comm have completed installation of the inaugural satellite dish for the Southern Positioning Augmentation Network.

Infinity Avionics has announced that it will lead the development of a capability for autonomous detection and identification of space objects.

Australia is one of just two countries with the capabilities to neutralise large numbers of satellites passing over its territory, said Dr Ben Greene at the ADM Space Summit in Canberra | Max Blenkin

KBR has announced that it is extending its support to Australian defence through a two-year contract extension, to help modernise, integrate and optimise Australia’s military capability.

The iLAuNCH Trailblazer program invests in aerospace composite repair research at the University of Southern Queensland.

Space Machines Company is using software from the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio to design and build the Optimus Orbital Servicing Vehicle.

QuantX Labs has announced that it has secured $750,000 funding for development of a secured position, navigation, and timing (PNT) capability for defence applications.