Cyber + Space

Boeing Australia has enlisted the support of US-based ExoAnalytic to offer the Australian Government a fully operational Space Domain Awareness system under JP9360.

LatConnect 60 and Gilmour Space Technologies have signed an agreement to build and launch the first microsatellite in a planned high-resolution hyperspectral imaging constellation.

For the second year running, Lockheed Martin Australia and Edith Cowan University (ECU) have announced two ECU graduates have been awarded Lockheed Martin Australia’s student achievement prizes for 2021.

Boeing recently demonstrated successful integration of its Protected Tactical Enterprise Service (PTES) software elements with an industry partner’s user terminal.

Most small to medium enterprises (SMEs) working in the defence export sector will be aware of the restrictions imposed by the US International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), but life is about to get a whole lot more complicated.

Rocket Lab has successfully deployed two satellites to orbit for real-time geospatial intelligence company BlackSky.

The government will invest $12 million in Canberra manufacturer Datapod to ensure Defence has access to modular data centres that it can deploy at short notice.

EOS has come up with an innovative plan to place a small constellation of communications relay satellites in Medium Earth Orbit (MEO), able to communicate by laser with satellites in LEO, then relay their data to a ground stations.

Gilmour Space Technologies will work with a range of partners and universities to create a manufacturing and test hub and an advanced manufacturing facility to produce launch vehicles and satellites.

Australian rocket company Black Sky Aerospace has achieved a milestone which could lead to the development of an Australian precision guided missile.

Australia’s new Defence space command officially began operations on 22 March, with Defence Minister Peter Dutton flagging the likelihood of a future US-style Space Force.

In high-threat environments such as Defence, computing systems must be robust and secure to safeguard sensitive data against attackers, without compromising usability and productivity.

The partners will explore how Silentium Defence’s unique passive radar technology can be integrated with a novel antenna design and small satellite technology to improve quality and cost efficiency of earth observations from low-earth-orbit.

Lockheed Martin has awarded six new contracts to Melbourne-based manufacturer Ronson Gears over the past 18 months under its Global Supply Chain (GSC) Program agreement with the Commonwealth of Australia.

The US Space Force’s Space Systems Command and Boeing recently completed a critical design review for the Protected Tactical SATCOM Prototype, validating Boeing’s technical maturity on the rapid-prototyping program.

Boeing is investing more than $5 million to develop its Australian manufacturing partners as part of its satellite manufacturing plans under JP9102.