Top 40

The jump in defence industry total revenue from 2021-2022 is one of the greatest increases on record at $2.43 billion, or 18 per cent. 

2021 is another record year for Australia’s defence industry. Total turnover for the Top 40 in 2021 was $13.43 billion, up slightly from $13.31 billion in 2020 and 16 per cent up from $11.61 billion the year prior.

2020 will forever be the year of COVID and bushfires. Shaped by events out of our immediate control, Defence and Defence Industry stepped up to answer the challenge.

Once again, ADM’s annual Top 40 Defence contractors and Top 20 SMEs has some 
staggering headline figures and surprises for the Defence community.

Once again ADM has gone out to industry to get a snapshot of what we look like. We now include new details such as female workforce participation and Indigenous engagement policies.

The buoyant sector of Australia’s defence industry would appear to be the infrastructure and related providers who are reaping the benefits of increased investment in the defence estate after a long period of neglect.

The results of this year's Top 40 survey reveal a strong upward trend in Defence business.

Once again, ADM has conducted the annual survey of the Defence Industry.

The results of ADM's 2013 Top 40 Defence Contractors and Top 20 Defence SME survey have been published in the latest edition of Australian Defence Magazine, Dec 2013/Jan 2014, which should have arrived on desks last week.