• March - April 2022 Front Cover
    March - April 2022 Front Cover

Welcome to the March/April 2022 edition of ADM: Australian Defence Exports.

ADM Editor Nigel Pittaway opens this month's edition with an editorial evaluating the success of the Defence Export Strategy. Also in this issue, Nigel writes about the Singapore Airshow, the next aircrew training competition (AIR 5428 Ph3), looks back at the Classic Hornet, covers the ADF's acquisition of more Hellfire missiles, discusses if ADAC is a missed opportunity and looks at the issues associated with securing Defence Export Data.

Mike Yeo covers the latest news in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region and writes about Fighter Capability in the Indo-Pacific. Senior Correspondent Julian Kerr looks at Defence export successes, the stranding of HMAS Adelaide in Tonga and discuss Navy’s response to the fears around the Hunter Class. Multimedia Reporter Roya Ghodsi covers sustainable manufacturing in a defence context. ADM Group Editor Ewen Levick writes about Land power beyond northern Australia.

Our From the Source interviewee this month is EOS CEO Matthew Jones

The digital edition can be read here.

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