Welcome to the September 2021 edition of ADMSpace.

This is Katherine Ziesing's final edition as Managing Editor of ADM. She introduces the issue with her last ever editorial, handing over to new Group Editor Ewen Levick and Editor Nigel Pittaway. Katherine also says her final farewell with a retrospective piece on her 15 years with ADM, and as the interviewee of this month's From the Source

Also in this issue: Ewen Levick explores Australia's progress towards sovereign space capabilities with a focus on space launch and electronic warfare; Senior Correspondent Julian Kerr examines Senate Estimates in light of the unprecedented clampdown on Defence's engagement with media; and Nigel Pittaway looks at enhancing situational awareness in the land domain and at Plan Galileo - Navy's new model for surface fleet sustainment.

The digital edition can be read here.

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