As I write this month’s editorial, Australia seems to be coming out of the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus is far from gone but is under control in most areas of the nation, a few hotspots notwithstanding. I even managed to go out for a coffee in a café, sit there, drink out of a real cup and speak to someone in person for the first time in months. Video and phone calls are great, along with increased time on email and other collaboration tools, but they do lack a truly human connection. The last face to face event I attended was the ADM Congress in February. It feels like a lifetime ago now.

Many businesses are now at the point where they are reassessing many of their short term COVID-19 responses. There is pressure to get ‘back to normal’ for many office environments. But normal wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. There are quite a few practices COVID-19 enforced out of necessity that need to be re-examined for long-term use. This period showed how much work can be done remotely when it has to be. The introverts amongst us reveled in the enforced home time in many ways. Going back to ‘normal’ for some will be stressful.

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