Welcome to the September edition of ADM: Land Forces 2019.

Managing Editor Katherine Ziesing leads with an editorial on ethical technology, asking whether we ‘can’ is equal to whether we ‘should’. Katherine also covers the winners of this year’s ADM Essington Lewis Awards and the conversion of two autonomous M113s.

Contributor Gregor Ferguson examines the true meaning of innovation culture, James Gibson writes a tour de force on re-imagining a 5th Gen ADF, and Senior Correspondent Julian Kerr goes into detail on the Boxer industrialisation plan.

Contributor Matt Rainbow covers Supashock’s new facility in Adelaide, Online Editor Ewen Levick talks to the Enhanced Target Systems and Ranges team, and Deputy Editor Nigel Pittaway provides an update on estate and infrastructure.

Our From the Source interviewee this month is Chief Defence Scientist Tanya Monro.

The digital edition is available here.

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