Barrett Communications' equipment is used extensively by international relief agencies, government and peace keeping organisations for long distance communications.

It is the exposure to that equipment by defence forces during recent humanitarian, security and peace keeping operations that lead to the latest Barrett development.

Impressed with the technical capability and ease of use of the transceivers, Barrett were challenged to produce a system that maintained those characteristics while meeting full military specifications and remaining cost effective.

Recognising the potential market for such a product, Barrett set out to develop a tactical HF radio system.

In addition to the standard characteristics of modern military HF radios, Barrett has introduced a number of innovations designed to make the operator's life a bit easier.

The front panel display can be easily detached and worn on the front of the webbing to give full control of the radio without having to remove the backpack or receive assistance from another person.

Using an additional extension cable, the remote control can be extended to 15 metres for operation in temporary command posts or under shelter.

A choice of secure voice options are available including a simple to use frequency hopping system that requires no central synchronisation station, has no entry or late entry time and requires no handshaking.

A selection of hopping speeds is available and the hopping bandwidth is selectable to suit the antenna type in use.

Also available is the Secure Call feature, an innovative narrow band voice encryption system providing point to point or point to multi-point communications.

For text transmissions, 64 character SMS messages, encrypted for security, are directly entered via the tactical handset keys and can be sent to individual or multiple stations.

For full data and email capability, a choice of internal data modems (STANAG 5066, Clover 2000, Pactor III) are available for use with ruggedized laptops or FDT's.

A complete range of accessories including a vehicle docking station, digital encryption handset, battery chargers and antennas are also available to suit any mission.

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