Port Macquarie-based SME Birdon has undertaken several major Defence projects in 2008.

Birdon was contracted to disassemble and dispose of ex-RAN Fremantle Class Patrol Boats on site in Darwin, as each FCPB vessel was decommissioned by the RAN.

The contract required Birdon to disassemble and dispose each of the following vessels:
• HMAS Bunbury
• HMAS Warrnambool
• HMAS Gawler
• HMAS Geelong
• HMAS Fremantle
• HMAS Launceston
• HMAS Geralton
• HMAS Dubbo
• HMAS Bendigo
• HMAS Ipswich
• HMAS Wollongong

The disposal capability provided for the FCPB's contract included project management, planning, coordination, monitoring, control and reporting.

Contract Management, Environmental management, Quality management, Security Management, Safety Management along with Commercial and Administrative support.

Department of Defence - Scuttling of Ex-HMAS Canberra

Ex-HMAS Canberra was de-commissioned at HMAS Sterling and towed to Cockburn Sound (Common User facility) in Western Australia.

The vessel was then towed from Cockburn Sound to Geelong in Victoria where the vessel is being prepared for scuttling as a diver friendly artificial reef

Logistic Support Services for Mine Sweeping Auxiliaries & Associated Equipment for the Royal Australian Navy (the supplies)

Since 1998 Birdon has supplied Integrated Logistic Support services for the Minesweeping Auxiliary vessels and ancillary equipment within the Mine Warfare and Clearance Diving SPO.

2008 also saw the docking of MSA Bandicoot in Port Macquarie.

Bridge Erection Propulsion Boats (BEPB) Project (Stage three)

Following on from Stage one and Stage two of this project, that involved Vessel design and construction, Project and Engineering Management, Operator and Maintenance Training, Operator and Maintenance, Manuals, Manufacturer's Recommended Spares Listing and Support, Contract Progress Reporting, Master Contract Management Scheduling, Contractor Supplier Support Plan, Complete Equipment Schedule listing, Repair Parts Identification List, Maintenance Evaluation Packaging, Handling, Storage and Transportation Plan, Birdon entered Stage three of the BEPB project that involves a maintenance and modifications along with follow-on support for the vessels located in Darwin, Townsville, Sydney and Brisbane.

As well as these contracts, Birdon is currently in Medium Girder Bridging (MGB) Refurbishment of the Army's MGB sections, covering Full blast and paint refurbishment.

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