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This week Boeing formally launched an Australian branch of its Phantom Works advanced research and development unit to better support its businesses in Australia and partner with local researchers on the development of mutually beneficial technologies.

John Tracy, Boeing’s chief technology officer says the new Phantom Works branch will provide a centralised advanced R&D organisation for Boeing’s businesses in the country and serve as a focal point for continued collaboration with Australian R&D organisations, including universities and private sector R&D providers such as the CSIRO and DSTO.

In Australia, Phantom Works will employ approximately 30 senior engineers, scientists and researchers in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Leadership of the organisation will be based in Brisbane.

Staff will consist of transfers from existing Boeing businesses in Australia, as well as others hired from outside the company.

Ongoing and new technology work areas will include composite resin infusion, light robotics for manufacturing and precision coatings, aging aircraft maintenance, applications of advanced unmanned air vehicles, network centric operations and aerospace environmental applications.

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