• Credit: AeroPM
    Credit: AeroPM

AeroPM has secured new facilities within Lot Fourteen in Adelaide and have commenced a long-term agreement with Renewal SA.

AeroPM is an Australian veteran owned and operated professional services consultancy firm specialising in supporting the Department of Defence to acquire complex and significant capabilities.

Within South Australia, the AeroPM team lead the test and evaluation campaigns for key programs within the Air Warfare Centre, work on technology solutions for warfighting network applications and provide systems engineering, project management and integrated logistics support for counter improvised explosive device capabilities.

Lot Fourteen supports a range of companies, start-ups and organisations from the defence, space, hi-tech and creative industries: Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and now AeroPM are co-located alongside the Australian Space Agency, MIT bigdata Living Lab, the University of Adelaide’s Australian Institute for Machine Learning, Stone & Chalk, the Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre (A3C), Commonwealth Bank Technology Hub and the US MITRE Centre for Information Integrity & Defence.

On Tuesday 28 June, AeroPM will formally open their new facility with a function within Stone and Chalk. This new facility – available to accommodate their growing workforce in Adelaide – will complement AeroPM’s national headquarters in Canberra.

"We’ve been delighted with what we’ve come to learn during our first few days at Lot Fourteen," AeroPM’s CEO Emily Frizell said. "It is a genuinely collegiate environment and the access to like-minded professionals and companies is just good for business.

"Our Adelaide team has grown strongly over the last three years and the maturation of the company into a second facility reflects our expectations that this growth will continue as the demand for premium consultancy support within the Defence environment will remain high. Further, our team really relish the opportunity to base themselves out of the east end of the city.”

"This precinct is a real credit to several State Governments and the process to engage and secure this facility was easy and efficient. It is particularly useful to be able to host interstate visitors in the city as opposed to Mawson Lakes or Edinburgh and the conference facilities to bring great and productive minds together cannot be overstated," the company’s Head of Capture and Delivery and Adelaide Lead, Pete Nugent, said.

“Our expectation is that continued growth should place us well to transition into the Entrepreneur and Innovation Centre when this facility is completed in 2025”.

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