AME Systems, headquartered in Ararat, has achieved the stringent certification to produce wire harnesses for the MQ-4C Triton system.

AME Systems (Vic) is now a Northrop Grumman supplier of cabling and wiring harnesses associated with the MQ-4C Triton program for the RAAF.

“AME Systems is extremely proud to be partnering with Northrop Grumman,” AME Systems managing director Nick Carthew said.

With the US Navy’s planned program of record for 68 operational Tritons and the RAAF's planned acquisition of six to seven Tritons, the company says its opportunities are 'significant'.

AME Systems is now one of only three companies globally certified to this level of manufacturing, positioning the company to potentially supply a new level of technology to Northrop Grumman and the broader Australian defence industry.

“Growth of Australian industry content within our programs is one of Northrop Grumman’s top priorities,” Chris Deeble, chief executive, Northrop Grumman Australia, said. “AME joins a growing number of Australian companies supplying components for the Triton system and we look forward to delivering the first Australian Triton, built with Australian-made components, in 2023.”

AME Systems received certification to begin manufacturing wire harnesses for Tritons in January and delivered the first batch in February. The harnesses will be used in the production of both RAAF and US Navy Tritons.

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