• The Anywise team. (Anywise)
    The Anywise team. (Anywise)

Anywise, a veteran owned and operated consultancy, has been named a '2022 Best for the World' B Corp. This global award is in recognition of the organisation's positive impact through overall governance practices, measured by their engagement in social and environmental ethics and transparency. 

Best for the World is a distinction granted by B Lab to Certified B Corporations (B Corps) whose verified B Impact Scores in the five impact areas evaluated in the B Impact Assessment — community, customers, environment, governance, and workers — rank in the top 5% of all B Corps in their corresponding size group.

Anywise has earned this recognition due to their initiatives such as AIDE (a pro-bono service which Anywise offers non-profit organisations and those requiring project management guidance or support), the recent approval of their Reconciliation Action Plan by Reconciliation Australia, as well as regular participation in local charitable causes such as The Bloody Long Walk, May 50k, and the Push-Up Challenge.

“I am extremely proud to represent the company as a Best for the World Honouree," Adam Evans, Managing Director of Anywise, said. "This recognition demonstrates the power of aligning core company values with those of the individuals in the team. Creating a culture of inclusivity, fairness and positive impact across all of our stakeholders has led to some really great outcomes.”

"Our governance model reflects our company more broadly, it has only just enough process to be repeatable and aligns with the core values of the company and the team members that are in it. All of our staff are empowered to make decisions and trusted to do the right thing.

"As we grow, our impact in our community also grows so we are all driven by a sense of purpose, not just a responsibility to provide profit to shareholders. We amended our constitution so are legally bound to consider all stakeholders in our decision making.”

Every year, 'Best for the World' recognises the top-performing B Corps creating the greatest positive impact through their businesses.

The 'Best for the World' recognition is administered by B Lab, the global non-profit network that certifies and mobilises B Corps, which are businesses that meet high standards of positive social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

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