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B&R Enclosures’ contract to provide brackets and racks for Boeing’s Currawong battlespace communications system has spurred the family-owned Australian business’ expansion into the defence sector.

An SME designer and manufacturer of enclosures and cabinets headquartered in Brisbane, B&R’s core business has traditionally been industrial, information and communication technology, hazardous areas, industrial and domestic applications.

“Boeing Defence Australia engaged us to develop brackets for high capacity line-of-sight radio and videoconferencing equipment,” said Executive Director at B&R Enclosures, Chris Bridges-Taylor. “That initial piece of work was the foundation for shaping our defence business which now includes a broad range of data and electrical custom enclosure, as well as integration and control solutions.”

“Our local supply chain provides agility, certainty, and an ability to work at pace,” Boeing Defence Australia head of industry engagement, Peter Farquharson, said. “In return, the complexity of defence work delivers opportunities for SMEs to build sophisticated manufacturing skills and reap benefits beyond one specific program.”

B&R’s work in the defence sector has justified investment into Industry 4.0 business systems and capital equipment.

“We are committed to staying at the leading edge of smart manufacturing techniques and digital technology innovations to meet the evolving needs of our market,” said Bridges-Taylor.

“The defence industry’s stringent quality and accreditation requirements have escalated our investment in equipment such as robotic laser welding and 3D technology to enhance our physical production processes. We are now recognised for our ability to achieve highly technical outcomes for the challenges of the defence industry.”

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