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Local technology company Chiron Global Tech and composites manufacturer Armor [sic] Composite Engineering have announced a partnership to scale production of Chiron’s close-quarter combat (CQC) training armour for defence and law enforcement personnel.

Chiron says it has been working with multiple expert Defence and Law Enforcement end-users and trainers over the past 24 months to refine its prototype suits and will now unveil the flagship product - the Chiron-X1Ô - alongside ACE at Land Forces 21.

Chiron’s highly protective body armour system is designed to withstand repeated, high-impact forces and real, high-speed strikes to vital body targets, while maximising agility and manoeuvrability - allowing training combat realism.

The partnership with ACE will allow Chiron to scale production to meet the current demand for suits.

“The feedback we received during testing highlighted extensive limitations with current soft training suits commonly used for close quarter combat training," Chiron’s Co-CEO and Co-Founder, David Pysden, said. "This was incorporated into the design of the superior Chiron-X1Ô training suit which is lighter, faster to move in, less bulky, self-dressing and available in a range of sizes, colours and options for female personnel."

Pysden said that ACE and Chiron will also collaborate on additional body armour systems. An operational Riot version of the Chiron-X1Ô is in pre-production with an estimated delivery date of mid-2022.

“We are very excited to be partnering with ACE. who has considerable expertise developing industry-leading ballistic and blast-resistant composite armour, as well as an established history of successfully working within the Defence and Law Enforcement sectors to provide project-specific solutions,” Pysden said.

The company says first orders for the new suits have been received from state police units.

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