• Supplied: Hanwha
    Supplied: Hanwha

Hanwha Defense in South Korea has held an “Industry Day” on March 17 at the end of a week-long delegation of Australian industry in Changwon, some 400 kilometres south of Seoul.

The event was held at Hanwha Defense’s Factory 1, as part of efforts to strengthen cooperation with Australian suppliers with regards to Hanwha’s Australian programs, including the Land 8116 contract signed in December 2021.

Among the Australian delegates were attendees from ANCA Engineering Solutions; Elphinstone; HiFraser; and Penske Australia. Representatives from the CASG and the Australian Army also joined the industrial collaboration program, as did Changwon-based South Korean suppliers, including STX Engine, SNT Dynamics and Mottrol – all of whom have formed ongoing relationships with Australian businesses in support of Hanwha Defense.

“It’s a great honor to host this inaugural Industry Day event for our Australian industry partners,” Son Jae-il, CEO and President of Hanwha Defense, said. “This is a great opportunity for all of us to improve our partnership further, as Hanwha Defense is fully committed to creating opportunities within Australian defence supply chains, as well as to improving Australia’s military capability.”

During the seminar, South Korean and Australian industry partners reportedly exchanged views of maximising their collaboration over the local manufacturing and supply of key components such as chassis, power-pack, automatic fire suppression systems, and suspension units.

“The Australian delegation have been highly impressed by the Korean companies they have met with this week, including the capability they’ve observed in the factories and the warm welcome and hospitality from the Korean people,” said Millie Keating, Industrial Development Unit (IDU) Manager from Hanwha Defense Australia. “This week, and the discussion at this seminar today, has reinforced the strength and dedicated in the relationships between our respective nations which Hanwha Defense sees as critical for our collective global success.”

The industry group was also given opportunities to tour the showroom of Global Campus, the R&D hub of Hanwha Defense, and production lines where the K9 self-propelled howitzer and other high-end combat armoured vehicles are being manufactured.
Son stressed Australia would be a hub for Hanwha Defense’s export bids.

“With the very first overseas manufacturing facility in Geelong, Hanwha Defense Australia will be creating jobs within Australia and will make best efforts to become a trusted partner contributing to the local economy,” Son said. “Moreover, the Australian market will serve as a gateway for Hanwha’s defence exports to the Five-Eyes nations.”

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