• School students at the Lockheed Martin STEM Experience. 
Lockheed Martin Australia
    School students at the Lockheed Martin STEM Experience. Lockheed Martin Australia

Lockheed Martin Australia has entered a strategic partnership with Regional Development Australia (RDA) Hunter to help meet the STEM skills shortage.

The partnership - aimed at developing the skills needed to create and sustain advanced technologies for defence industry - was announced late last year in Williamtown, NSW.

The initiative will connect Lockheed Martin Australia with local secondary schools, as well as vocational training and tertiary institutions, to inspire and mentor STEM learning and shape curricula to meet the projected STEM skills required to operate, sustain and maintain 5th Generation defence capability, including the locally-based F-35s.

The investment comes in the form of two programs: a new STEMStart initiative to enhance the vocational pathway for technical training in cyber, ICT and programming; and curriculum development across relevant STEM-related University of Newcastle courses.

Speaking at the official opening of the Lockheed Martin Australia Technology Expo 2018, Lockheed Martin Australia Chief Executive, Vince Di Pietro AM, CSC, reiterated the company’s commitment to working with industry and education providers.

“As home to Australia’s first squadron of highly advanced F-35 fighters and Australia’s largest regional economy, we understand the importance of the Hunter to our wider economic and national security interests,” Lockheed Martin Australia Chief Executive Vince Di Pietro said.

“It is Lockheed Martin Australia’s firm belief that, through greater awareness and positive engagement with industry technologies, more secondary school students will take-up STEM-related subjects and go on to pursue industry-related career pathways.”

RDA Hunter Chairman John Turner said he was very pleased to publicly recognise RDA Hunter’s new partnership with Lockheed Martin Australia.

“Defence projects such as the F-35 deliver significant economic impact in the Hunter, bringing next-generation technology and related new, high-value, skilled jobs. RDA Hunter is delighted to collaborate with Lockheed Martin Australia to help STEM-skill students in preparation for these roles.”

“We look forward to sharing our knowledge and expertise with LMA and connecting them with the region’s wider defence industry, education and government to help build the workforce they need, while providing Hunter students with pathways to long-term career opportunities in the region.”

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