• NIOA is set to provide 84 mm Carl Gustaf ammunition to the ADF.
    NIOA is set to provide 84 mm Carl Gustaf ammunition to the ADF. Defence

NIOA has commenced operations at the Commonwealth-owned munitions facility at Benalla.

NIOA, in conjunction with SAAB Dynamics AB Sweden, is undertaking work on the 84mm Carl-Gustaf ammunition for the ADF.

The commencement of operations at Benalla marks a significant milestone following Minister Pyne’s announcement in September 2018.

“The NIOA tenancy will strengthen and diversify sovereign capability while also ensuring increased use of the government factories at Benalla, providing more munitions supply options for Defence,” Minister Pyne said. “NIOA’s work in Benalla will build further on their work supplying ammunition to Defence, and leverage their partnerships with some of the world’s leading munitions companies. 

“I look forward to NIOA producing and eventually exporting munitions from Benalla to our friends and allies.”

In a statement, NIOA said it has secured the necessary government operating licences and has worked closely with the Commonwealth and Australian Munitions to ensure that the operations are conducted in the safest possible manner.

NIOA has partnerships with global manufacturers including Rheinmetall Waffe Munition, Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems (previously Orbital ATK), Vista, Day and Zimmerman, Junghans, and Nitrochemie.

The company recently took its first order for artillery shells from the yet-to-be-built munitions plant in Maryborough, Queensland, from the German Bundeswehr. The plant is a joint project with Rheinmetall.

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