• Beca has been providing seaworthiness services to the RAN since 2012.
    Beca has been providing seaworthiness services to the RAN since 2012. Getty

Beca has been awarded a contract for the continued management of Seaworthiness Materiel Assessments (SwMA) within the RAN’s Fleet Engineering Directorate (FED).

FED and Beca have successfully collaborated to provide SwMA management and development services since 2014. During this time, the company has worked to develop and implement an assurance process that has positively contributed to materiel seaworthiness outcomes for ships and establishments.

This project is key to supporting the compliant conduct of SwMAs in accordance with the Fleet Practice Instruction for the RAN. The SwMA management cell now controls more than 6,000 bespoke assessments covering 14 classes of ship and two establishments. It also provides an established education and awareness program that helps maintain knowledge levels across the Navy.

“Seaworthiness Materiel Assessments are a fundamental building block of the Sea Release Assurance framework and provide evidence that RAN ships are materially ready for operations,” Mick Richardson, Business Director of Defence Acquisition and Sustainment at Beca, said.

“Their ongoing management is therefore a critical enabler of operations, and we look forward to continuing to work with the Fleet Engineering Directorate to ensure this building block is well maintained.”

Beca’s services will include project management, business administration, quality control, and education and training.

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