Boeing is seeking Queensland businesses to support the company’s largest autonomous systems development program outside of the United States.

Boeing has so far met with 37 Queensland businesses with expertise in autonomy, sensors, communications, test and evaluation, cyber security, and design and manufacture during two supplier networking days in Brisbane and Townsville.

Under the Queensland Government-supported Autonomous Systems Platform Technology Project, Boeing Phantom Works International Project Lead Shane Rogers and his team have three years to develop autonomous systems enabling technology for the global export market.

“Effectively we’re building a brain onboard that can be placed inside a vehicle, or multiple vehicles, so it can perceive, process, communicate and act in accordance with its programmed mission,” Rogers said.

“To do that, we’re partnering with Queensland businesses that have the capability and capacity to support work packages across a variety of specialist domains.”

Boeing will continue to engage with Queensland suppliers throughout the three-year program.

To register interest in becoming a Boeing Defence Australia supplier, or for information relating to potential supply opportunities on Boeing programs, email BDA Supply Chain.

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