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DECO Australia has invested in a new Innovation Centre at its Minto manufacturing facility.

The architecturally-designed display centre, which showcases DECO’s leading line of architectural aluminium building products, highlights its capabilities as an Australian SME.

The wide range of non-combustible, timber-look products, including fire-safe cladding, slip-resistant decking and custom wall panels and signage, are compliant with Australian and international standards and suitable for defence infrastructure projects as well as the residential and commercial architectural market.

All products are incorporated creatively into the display, resulting in an informative, interactive space where customers can visualise how they can be incorporated into a myriad of projects.

In addition, the Innovation Centre will showcase DECO’s line of protective surface finishes, including its low-temperature hard anodising, powder coating and specialty finishes ideal for weapon parts, machinery component and vehicle parts. These quality finishes maximise protection and performance, and are tested to Australian and International standards to ensure ultimate durability and longevity.

Customers visiting the Innovation Centre can also tour DECO’s manufacturing facility to observe DECO’s quality-controlled processes.

DECO’s investment in its showstopping new display centre highlights the growth of the Australian manufacturing industry and the advent of dedicated, inventive Australian SMEs. DECO has been providing compliant, quality products and finishes for over 15 years and the new Innovation Centre allows industries to view their benefits first-hand.

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