• Credit: DECO
    Credit: DECO

DECO has unveiled a new industrial arm of its business.

After acquiring the former Impreglon Australia machines and premises in Minto NSW, DECO offers a wide range of industrial finishes, including anodising, glass bead blasting and other finishes, which can increase the lifespan and aesthetic appeal of all industrial parts and components.

The new DECO is divided into five business units under two banners: DECO Architectural, which covers Powder coating & Imaging and Architectural Products, and DECO Industrial, which focusses on Anodising, Glass Bead Blasting and Specialty Finishing.

This restructuring of the business now offers new potential for DECO’s protective coating and finishing services.

As a member of the AIDN, DECO is committed to providing quality services for Defence, ensuring that weapon parts, equipment and vehicle bodies are expertly coated to prevent corrosion and denting from impact, and to reduce wear and degradation in extreme environments.

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