Leidos Australia has won an export deal with the Falkland Islands Government to deliver a technology solution that simplifies the search and manipulation of whole libraries of complex structured documents.

Known as TeraText, the product will enable laws on the island to be made available to the public. The original product was conceived at RMIT University under an Australian Research Council (ARC) Grant. The project later received funding through the Department of Defence and TeraText has subsequently been used by Defence and the Australian Intelligence Community.

In addition to supporting National Security, Leidos Australia has also developed the product to support drafting and publishing complex legislation documents.

Locally, TeraText is used in the Federal Parliament, Parliamentary Counsels in NSW, Queensland, and Tasmania, as well as the ATO. Globally, it is used in Canada, the US and Singapore.

"Our successful exports of TeraText illustrate our ability to design and develop a globally competitive data management system,” Leidos Australia, managing director Christine Zeitz said. “This is a great example of exporting capability resulting from successfully delivering to our Australian customers."

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